Submitting your coins for NGC grading

World Coins and Medals Inc. is an authorized dealer of Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America (NGC) and assists collectors and public with submissions of world coins for NGC grading. We accept world coins in all metals including regular coinage, commemoratives, patterns, essays, novodels, pieforts and mint errors. We do NOT accept for grading United States coins, ancient coins, medals and tokens. The minimum order is 5 coins but it is economically wise to submit at least 15-20 coins or more. All business is done by mail only. All deliveries to New-York State addresses are subject to NY Sales Tax.

NGC fees for grading for different services, coin values and turnaround times are posted on their web site: Turnaround time is approximate and is not guaranteed. Cheaper services like "world value" usually have higher actual turnaround time than the one provided by NGC due to high volume of coins for grading at NGC. Please also note that cheaper services do not include Scratch-Resistant Holders, we strongly recommend upgrading to this kind of holder (slab) for an extra $5 per coin. In addition to NGC charges we will charge shipping fees to NGC and back to you, as well as $5-20 per coin (depending on service chosen):

World value and world modern - $5/coin

World gold and world standard - $10/coin

World Express or oversized coins that require special slabs - $20/coin

How to send your coins for NGC grading:

- Pack your coins safely and send via USPS Registered mail with desired insurance to our address: World Coins and Medals Inc. P.O. Box 245725 Brooklyn, NY 11224 United States. Inside your parcel please include your full name, return address and number of coins you are sending for grading.

- Once the parcel is sent out please e-mail us the Registered mail tracking number, your full name, return address, number of coins in the parcel and special instructions if any. Our e-mail: [email†protected]. This will ensure the timely delivery and accurate processing of your coins. If you have any questions about your coins, submission process, current status of your submission or any questions about NGC grading procedures and service tiers please do not hesitate to e-mail us at any time.

We will notify you about every step of the grading process and delivery via e-mail. Once your coins will be processed and prepared for an NGC grading we will calculate the total and send you PayPal invoice so you can pay for grading services online with PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you will still be able to pay with any major credit card through PayPal. PayPal fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 will be added to your invoice for domestic customers and 3.9% plus $0.30 for international customers. We will screen your coins and choose the appropriate and least expensive NGC services and grading tiers, prepare your coins for grading, determine appropriate (fair) insurance value for each coin (mandatory for insurance purposes while at NGC and in transit), check for varieties if any, mint errors, etc.

We do not give opinions on grades and authenticity before authenticity is verified and grades are actually assigned by the NGC. We also do not help to eliminate any coins from grading that may later be found "not genuine" or "no grade". It is entirely up to you what coins you want to send for grading. Any non authentic coins will be returned ungraded with labels stating "not genuine" or "questionable authenticity". All problem coins if authentic will be slabbed and problem noted on an NGC holder except coins with certain surface problems such as PVC or artificial toning (those will be returned not in a slab). NGC does not return any money paid for coins that are later found "not genuine", "no grade" or not put in a slab for any reason.